csm_kino5_01_de0b5969fbHaving provided image and film post-production services since 1993, Dr. Marlon Teichfuss and Uwe Hanicke founded Cinedavis GmbH in 2000 in Dresden, Germany. Cinedavis is dedicated to developing industry-leading solutions that enhance its customers' digital cinema businesses.


Cinedavis® is the developer of ONEDCN®, Germany's leading preshow platform. ONEDCN is a combination of enterprise software and hardware solutions that sit within a network of connected DCI-compliant cinema screens offering its clients and partners a highly sophisticated and automated technological backbone that has enabled cinema advertising to become ever more digital--and ever more profitable--in the eyes of the advertisers, cinemas and other key stakeholders. The Cinedavis team is highly respected within the industry and has formed valuable collaborations with a number of principal technology and software providers in order to achieve full integration between accredited platforms from a range of suppliers typically found in today's cinemas.

Cinedavis is also the developer of PROREPERTOIRE®, a cinema planning software that was launched recently to expand its services for feature film and trailers. Today, ONEDCN® and PROREPERTOIRE® are used by market-leading screen advertisers and cinemas in Germany and Switzerland. Targeting the international market, Cinedavis is currently involved in software projects in the United States of America and France, to name but a few.


Dr. Marlon Teichfuss studied physics in Dresden. Primarily focusing on software development and technology products, Marlon manages the digital cinema projects of Cinedavis and the exploration of new markets. He is a founding member of the digital sub committee of the Screen Advertising World Association.

Uwe Hanicke studied physics in Dresden and has been working with Marlon from the beginning. At Cinedavis, Uwe is responsible for it‘s production services and the implementation of soft- and hardware at the customer premises.